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Building components that reduce heating and cooling loads — Examples include structural insulated panels (SIPs), insulated concrete forms (ICFs), autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks, and high-performance windows and glazings. As these energy-saving products gain market acceptance, our threshold for inclusion in GreenSpec may become more stringent. For example, we may begin including only SIPs and ICFs with steady-state R-values above a certain threshold or with other environmental features, such as recycled-content foam insulation. Some products, such as insulation, clearly offer environmental benefits but are so common that they need other environmental features to qualify for GreenSpec.

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TFG transports an average of 32,000 containers or 450,000 tons of dangerous goods annually, a volume which is currently on the increase.

Our internal standards in this regard go beyond legal requirements. Our dangerous goods representative Bernd Engel monitors the safety of your transports around the clock. He is also responsible for the observance of all safety-related regulations. In addition, the dangerous goods representative regularly checks the observance of the appropriate regulations by all TFG service providers.

Thanks to these targeted measures which we are continuously perfecting, TFG has been able to consistently avoid road accidents involving dangerous goods. Our high safety standards make us one of the quality leaders in seaport hinterland transport services.


Building components
Building components that reduce heating and cooling loads insulated panels (SIPs), insulated concrete forms (ICFs)...
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TFG stands for smooth rail-bound inland container transport to or from German seaports. To this end
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